Sep 23, 2011

Fullmooninu Filename Translator v0.7 (download)

Notice: This shouldn't be working anymore now that google translate API is a paid service. I'll revisit this project soon.

 Finally, I made a usable version of the translation application.

Download it here.

This is useful for those that use programs that are incompatible with foreign filenames, or simply for ease of use.

Anyway, some guy told me it couldn't be done, so i tried to conceive a way to do it.

Just tell me if you are interested. The more people interested in this, the more effort i'll put in it.

This is not a concept. It's actually in quite functional stage. It does have a lot of predictable bugs to work out and still no GUI. Right now it's just a .exe you run anywhere you want it to work on.

It's pretty safe, just make sure to read before you confirm anything.

Feedback is appreciated! ^_^


  1. Can you make it so that we can put our own API key in for google?

  2. Aright, add it to my to-do list. Thank you for the comment! =)