Feb 17, 2010

Internet tidbits

Little online lessons in the form of pictures. Screenshots from here and there.

1 - Information easily hides subliminal messages. Find the hidden message;

Information comes in all forms and usually in very small packages.  It's very easy to get lost and to loose things.

2 - The internet is something with a global character. A more and more evident character;

Here you see, in the site download.com , a small non-western religious application is the 38th most downloaded piece of software in the world.  Enter the russians, asians and arabs. It's a whole new WWW.

3 - Not every piece of advice and information online is valid;

(setting your internet cache to 80GB will get your computer in trouble)

Simply put, don't believe every piece of information you read. Things that easy to confirm get corrected rapidly, but misinformation sometimes is used as a correction. Sometimes it will be the word of one expert against hundreds of misinformed users. Guess who wins.

4 - Anyone can be your friend. Anyone. Such that the word lost its classical meaning;

Here you see, adding nickname Nemesis, to the friends list. Curious little quirk. Online, words are used freely. Not only do they have their meaning changed, but words, through their online usage change meaning in the real world.

5 - Spam isn't a nice thing.

Spam will be spam, and as spam filters get smarter so will spammers. As long as 0,00001% of mailed people buy a product, unsolicited information will keep being sent.

These were all the results of copy, cut and paste. They are not montages. Hope you liked.

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