Mar 11, 2010

Tutorial: Cleaning Hotmail / Messenger / Windows Live Contacts

Overtime, MSN Messenger contact lists get cluttered.

Usually because of spammers, friends that change or lose their e-mail, or contacts you no longer talk to.

Yes, you can organize them into groups, and you can block them. But the MSN protocol and all the evolutions it has suffered have left some serious room for messiness.

This tutorial tries to explain the basics for cleaning your MSN contacts.


You should login to your Live Messenger account and change your password (for safety reasons, but you can skip this step)

Login to and click options. Then account options or change password. Change your password into something temporary for this tutorial.

The Steps:

1. List Rebuilder Tool:

Go to and use their List Rebuilder Tool

From the site: «This tool will delete all unnecessary contacts in your allow and block lists. Unnecessary being contacts you’ve deleted from your forward list, and who have also deleted you from their forward list.»

2. Miranda IM Contact Tool:

2.1 Download and install Miranda Instant Messenger:

Miranda is a MultiProtocol IM that comes with a useful tool.

Download it at:

2.2 Configure Miranda for your Hotmail account: