Dec 29, 2012

Greatest Portuguese as Masquerade Vampires

BBC made a TV show model called something like "Greatest People of All Time". I saw the Portuguese version on Youtube. The playlist is here.

So, as I understood it, a bunch of popular intellectuals nominated 100 of these Portuguese historical figures. Then it got somehow narrowed down to 10, and finally, those 10 were voted on by national popular vote (for a small phone fee ;)

Anyway, I watched it all attentively, learned a lot about those guys, a lot of it opposite to what was taught in school, and saw that if one thing their personalities were strongly defined.

So it became somewhat easy to give a Masquerade clan to each of these guys.
The Masquerade Clan of the 10 Greatest Portuguese (chronological order):
  • D. Afonso Henriques - Brujah
  • D. Joao II - Lasombra
  • Infante D. Henrique - Ventrue 
  • Vasco da Gama - Tremere
  • Luís de Camões - Ravnos
  • Marquês de Pombal - Brujah
  • Fernando Pessoa - Malkavian
  • António Salazar - Giovanni
  • Aristides de Sousa - Salubri
  • Álvaro Cunhal - Brujah


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