Sep 8, 2010

Filename Universal Translator - preview

The download is in the more recent post: here

If you are a fan of asian things like me, you probably have your computer filled with files with foreign names. Some musics from the older days that you have absolutely no idea what are about or who the artist is ?

Some interesting screenshots you got around the place, with some nice unreadable korean names?

Yeah, sometimes, software will even refuse to open these. Although this is becoming less of a problem, as unicode support becomes universal, it's still nice to know that it can be done.

So, i went ahead and coded a prototype that does exactly this: presenting, unamed project: Filename Universal Translator!

So, bye bye chinese filenames that MusicIP music player doesn't like and refuses to open.

I can finally listen to all the crappy chinesepop I want to. Now I know for sure that these musics really are about what they sound like. If the artist is screaming oh my pleety girl! on top of his lungs, the music is probably called "the beautiful girl in my heart".mp3 or something similar.
Yes, confirmation at last!

Anyway, I started out a bit unmotivated by the advices that said it couldn't be done, so support is appreciated.
I do it for the fans!! -_-

(Portuguese) Seja música, imagens ou vídeos, se gostas da cena asiática, é quase certo encontrar partes do teu PC inundadas com ficheiros em lingua estrangeira (especialmente em japonês).

Há alguma maneira de mudar esses ficheiros todos para outra língua?

Bem, agora há pelo menos uma. Em fase de teste, ainda, mas já funcional.

Já comecei desmotivado pelo pro-guy que me disse que isto não podia ser feito.

Por isso, interesse da parte de quem está minimamente interessado, seria agradável.

I do it for the fans!!! -_-

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